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Roof Repair

professional roofing contractor roofers repairing roof

Roofs are incredible structures that are intended to keep the outside elements outside, while we are safe and cozy on this inside of any given building. So, when these structures begin to fail, it can present a vast amount of danger to anyone inside the building. Leaking water can cause interior walls to lose structural integrity. Holes in a roof can cause debris to fall down on people. Debris not being cleaned off of a roof can lead to a full collapse, which could seriously injure anyone standing under the roof when this happens. To combat all of this, let us make sure that your roof is repaired, when it needs to be.


One of the main advantages to having a roof installed is that it bocks debris from falling on top of anyone residing in a building. However, there are times when outside debris can be so heavy, or land in a particular way, as to punch a hole through your roof. When a hole is formed in a roof, it can lead to the weakening of structural integrity and leaks. Because of this, a hole needs to be fixed immediately and, lucky for you, we have the skill to do this for you!


While cleaning is not necessarily a “repair”, we are putting in to this category because it is the best possible preventative care that you can give your roof. While most roofs are built on a pitch, so as to help funnel off water and debris, there is little doubt that, over time, debris will still collect on your roof. This debris adds weight to your roof that, after time, your roof may not be bale to support. This added weight can lea to roof failure and collapsing. For this reason, regularly cleaning your roof is a great way to make sure that no future repairs are needed.


Unfortunately, roof leaks are nearly inevitable. Even with the best roof in place, there will come a time when something with your roof starts to go wrong. If you can actually see standing water on your floor, or you notice water coming down from your ceiling, you have a pretty big problem. Water damage can lead to costly repairs and, if left unfixed, water can begin to weaken structural integrity. As soon as you notice water coming from your ceiling, give us a call so that we can jump on a fix ASAP.


If you have a shingle roof, there will, most likely, come a day when you notice that shingles are broken or missing. While shingles are designed to hold up well, even under storm conditions, they are not impervious to damage. If you have gone through severe weather recently, it’s a good idea to have your shingles checked out. If any of them are broken, or missing, we can help to replace them. Replacing shingles is a great way to make sure that your roof is functioning as best it can.